oyster and a pearl

When we left St Louis, we had to leave behind our funky retro 1940’s maroon couch due to an incident of feline retribution (we shouldn’t have left him alone for that long at Christmas time).  Despite our many efforts, we could never fully get the cat urine smell out of that cushion — hopefully the people who snagged it from the curbside have better luck.
So we came to South Dakota couchless, and after much searching for something new or used, we came up with this:

for the blog 009

The color is called Oyster.  It wasn’t our favorite but, well, it fell into the right price category (in other words: it was the cheapest one we could find).  I couldn’t believe how expensive some of the used furniture was — we got this new for the same prices we saw at some of the thrift stores.  Crazy.  This was our first big furniture buying experience.  Most of our furniture is hand-me-downs from family and friends or stuff we find thrifting, which I love.  I love knowing the history of a piece or guessing at the people who may have used it in the past.  With new furniture — well, I guess we’re the first ones building memories around this couch.

And that green pillow: that was one of my favorite yard-sale finds (how lucky that we moved here just in time for the annual end-of-summer city-wide rummage sale!).  Green corduroy!  A pearl in the sea of yard sales, if you ask me.

for the blog 010



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