Making curtains makes me very happy.  It’s been a while since I made any, because of all the moving around we’ve done and all my issues about not getting too attached to any one place, and etc.  But when we were visiting with friends in St Louis and Adeline pointed at the curtains and asked, “What’s that?”, I knew it was time for me to put more effort into making our house [apartment] a home.  So since we’ve been back in South Dakota, my sewing machine has been getting a good workout.  Here are some of the results:

for the blog 040
Kitchen Curtains: making me ridiculously happy.  I just stand in the kitchen and stare at them sometimes . . . a lot.  I love love love the fabric (it’s Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks).  They really liven up our otherwise monochromatic kitchen.  And in the morning, the sun coming through them is so glowing and rosy, it looks like someone left a light on.

kitchen curtains

for the blog 041

And a peek at the bedroom curtains:

for the blog 032

Adeline’s Room: yellow polka dots.  Enough said.

for the blog 030

Master Bedroom: some magenta & green, a revival of a project started way back in Spearfish with my friend Emilee for a completely different window in a completely different room in a completely different house.  How many moves ago was that?  Let me see . . . 5!  Five moves and six years ago.  They’ve been stuck in the bottom of my fabric box that long.  I think they’re glad to get some fresh air.


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