seeing green

We needed some new placemats . . . well, as much as one can acutally need placemats.  I’m having trouble conceiving of a situation in which placemats could be considered a necessity.  Anyway, I wanted some new placemats.  So I made these, inspired by a number of different tutorials and posts out there in Blogland.

springsummer09 561

They are made from vintage sheets, a thrifted linen tablecloth, and some gifted green fabric from a lovely friend.

springsummer09 559

We now have a papa bear, mama bear, baby bear sized set — I made a smaller one on purpose for Adeline; the other two were supposed to be the same size but my measurements were off somewhere.  Oh, well.  I intend to make a couple more for guests.

springsummer09 593

The placemats in action: Look at them go!

springsummer09 594

Mmm, there’s nothing better than new placemats topped with banana-brown sugar muffins.  The recipe is from my favorite-cookbook-of-the-moment, Family Meals by Maria Helm Sinskey.  Thank you, public library, for your wonderful cookbook selection!


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