we don’t have a dryer, so . . .

1 empty plastic vinegar jug + 1 scissors + 2 rolls colored duct tape =

springsummer09 566

a clothespin holder!

I wanted to sew up something cute to hold our clothespins, but so many other home-sewing projects were vying for my time, and I was really sick of bending over to pick up clothespins.  So, I commissioned Jake to make this.  I got the idea from Ellen Sandbeck’s Organic Housekeeping.  She says to use a milk jug, which I did when we lived in Kansas, but it was kind of flimsy, so this time we decided to use a vinegar bottle, which has been far superior.  All you do is cut out a hole in the front (don’t make it too low!) and then snip the bottom of the handle so you can slip it on the clothesline.  And have I mentioned how much I love colored duct tape?  I haven’t found a lot of uses for it yet, but just you wait . . .

springsummer09 529



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