making grape jelly

Adeline and I spent the weekend at my parents’ house, and (as is often the case) for most of the visit we were in the kitchen: cooking, eating, baking, eating, and — on this occasion — making jelly from the grapes in my parents’ backyard.  We decided to document the process for posterity. 


The grapes.

picking grapes

Cleaning the grapes.

cooking grapes

Cooking the grapes.

smooshing grapes

Smooshing the grapes.


Oozing grape juice.

boiling jelly

Boiling the jelly.


Preparing the jars.


Pouring jelly into jars.


Enjoying a hot waterbath.

jelly love

Loving the jelly.  (Bonus jelly in the background — my mother-in-law’s yummy plum jelly made from her own homegrown plums!)  Can there ever be too much jelly?  I think not.


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