a bird & bunny button dress

We had an extended vacation this summer, staying with our folks (I say our because both Jake’s and my parents live on the same block, so even though we were at my parents’ house, it’s like staying with both) between the move from St Louis to SD.  And one of my main goals while at home was to do some sewing projects that have been intimidating me, with my mother’s expertise right there at hand.  Really I should have learned all this stuff from her way back when I was still living at home, but unfortunately sewing wasn’t that cool then (to me).  Oh, hindsight!

I used a vintage pattern that I found at a rummage sale and some fun bird & bunny fabric.  And, fortunately for me, we arrived back home just in time for the annual city-wide rummage sale: Jake’s grandma was selling an old shoebox practically overflowing with great vintage buttons and spools of thread.  It all came together (with a lot of help from Mom) to make this:


And this is how it looks on its girl:


It’s a little big, but that’s better than too small, right?  Anyway, the safety pin technique works for now:




She always somehow manages to be wearing it when we are out on the dirtiest, sandiest, muddiest or wettest of adventures, or when we are eating brightly colored highly drippable foodstuffs.  I try to bite my tongue and look away — after all, it’s just a piece of clothing and it’s meant to be lived in and spilled on.  It’s not meant for special occasions — I want her to get as much use out of my sweat and blood as possible!  Luckily, though, so far most of the dirt has come out and none of the stains are too noticeable.  I’m envisioning her wearing this for years to come — when is doesn’t fit as a jumper anymore I can adjust the strap buttons to make it a top.  Hopefully my handiwork holds up that long!


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