more summer sewing

These are some clothes  I made for Adeline, all inspired by Amanda Blake Soule’s elastic waist pants made from an adult’s shirt, as described in The Creative Family.  (You may soon notice that roughly 47% of everything I make & do is inspired by this woman!)

pantsFirst, some pants made from an old sheet, pretty much following SouleMama’s directions.

skirtsNext, some skirts made from my old tanktops.  I just used one of Adeline’s skirts to get the right length, cut off the bottom of the tanktops, and did a fold-over elastic waistband.  The blue one turned out better because it was more fitted on top; the pink tank was kind of billowy as a shirt and so there’s a little too much fabric at the top.  Blue skirt also seen skirt




3 thoughts on “more summer sewing

  1. I made my brother a t-shirt quilt this summer for his collage dorm. I took the bottoms of a few of the shirts and make the girls skirts and wide legged pants/crop pants. They turned out so cute and what a great way of using up a shirt you no longer wear.

    Happy sewing! I have a never ending pile of projects;) Kind of sounds like you do too.

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