autumn: the first day



red leaf




Even though the weather has been positively summerish, I’ve been seeing signs of it for a week or so now.  The trees are tired; they can’t hold on to their greenery much longer.  The grasses are drying and dying.  Sunsets are sooner; shadows are longer.  Then yesterday we woke up to a steel gray sky and a chilly wind, and we had to bundle up to play outside.  And I suppose today there really is no denying it: fall is here.

This does not upset me in the least.  Fall is, after all, my favorite season.  A time of crunchy leaves, crisp breezes, orange pumpkins, cozy sweaters, apple pies, hot cider, nutmeg and cinnamon, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and lots of birthdays (in this family, at least).  Who could resist all that?  Except this year I am digging my heels in a little bit, trying to hold on to the warm summer sunshine.  Because after four years of living in a significantly more-southerly clime, I’m a little nervous about my first Dakota winter back home.  I’m fully aware of just how precious and fleeting each of these wonderful warm days is (I’ve had many a childhood Halloween dampened by snow or blizzard), and visions of The Long Winter Ahead are prompting me to push my family out-of-doors whenever I get the chance.

Hold on just a little bit longer, please, sunshine.


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