funky pants on a gray day

pants close-up
I’ve been in something of a craft funk, even though I’ve got a bunch of holiday projects in various states of completion.  So Wedenesday I needed to do something fast, simple, and gratifying.  So I decided to make another pair of pants-from-a-t-shirt that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while, with my old brown J Crew tee and some red & brown fabric that I’d bought with no intentions.  They came out a little funkier than I had planned and the sewing is kind of wonky in places (I was obviously not putting much effort into this).  But they were quick and easy, and the girl likes them, so that’s all that matters this time, I guess.  I’ll call it a learning experience. 


We wore them to the park on a cold, wet, gray day — and I realized that the thin t-shirt material isn’t really appropriate for winter pants.  I should have made them a few months ago.  Thank goodness for Babylegs!  (Pink hat knitted by Adeline’s Grammie Cindy.)

pants at park

gray day

pants in action

leaves in a puddle




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