Judah’s art book

I really wanted to try my hand at making a journal from random bits of paper, as Amanda Blake Soule describes in her book Handmade Home.  Since my nephew’s birthday is coming up, I thought I’d make one for him. 

the makings of a journal

So I dug out an old calendar (it’s actually one from the year that we lived with Jake’s brother and his family, though I don’t expect Judah to remember it as he was only 1 then) and cut it into pages (the months were only printed on one side of the paper; the back sides were blank).  I used the cover of the calendar, which was just a bit heavier, to make the cover of the journal.  I also printed out some of the wonderful coloring pages from Small Magazine and reduced them to size on a photocopier.


I interspersed the coloring pages throughout the blank pages.

arranged pages

Then I used one of the coloring pages to make the cover design.


I took it to be bound at a local print shop and, well, to put it nicely, they bungled the job.  So I brought it home and had to do a some re-cutting, and I think it turned out ok in the end.  Some of the pages are still hanging out the bottom of the cover, but I think that just gives it a little extra charm.  Plus, it is going to a five-year-old who probably won’t be bothered by such a thing … hopefully.  Needless to say, next time I will be trying a different printer or attempting to do the binding myself. 


I added my own personalized coloring page and dedication in the front.

to Judah

Then I glued the cover art to the front and covered it with some laminate.

judah's art book

Voila.  A fun, easy, personalized birthday gift.


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