kitchen helper

squash sorting

Adeline loves “helping” in the kitchen.  Sometimes I really have to rack my brain to come up with ways for her to help, as she is not even 2 years old yet.  Luckily, she is our great organizer, and she loves to play take-out/put-back-in over and over again.  Here she is helping me sort out the squash cubes for our evening meal. 

kitchen helper

As she took them out of the bowl she would say what they looked like.  At first it was mostly, “A block . . . a square . . . a box.”  Then she found one shaped like a triangle.  After that they became all manner of things: a booster seat, a changing table, a cupboard full of candy for supper [I swear we have never had candy for supper before!].  But the most popular shape of all was a “present with a surprise in it,” as we had just received a package in the mail that Adeline knew was for her but that I told her we couldn’t open til Daddy got home.  She found several squash cubes with “surprises” inside. 

 the surprise!

And even though her surprise has been unpacked and set up for a few days now, she still wakes up in the morning and says, “My surprise is waiting in the living room!”  Hopefully her excitement about it won’t be short-lived.

Adeline's kitchen


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