the sock that never was . . .

A Tale of Two Wristwarmers

one wristwarmer

When I began knitting a sock from this wonderful self-striping sock yarn (purchased many years ago at Knitorious in St Louis), I did sort of wonder why the heck anyone would go to all the trouble to knit socks.  Socks!  My family’s socks never last too long before getting completely discolored and full of holes.  But I loved this yarn so much that I wanted to give it a try. 

Well, I was doing fine until I got to the heel, when, as a novice knitter, I got a little intimidated.  So I put the project down.  For a few years.   And when I finally picked it up again, I still really couldn’t see the point of knitting socks unless I was going to start keeping my floors much, much cleaner.  Since that’s probably not happening at this point in my life, I decided to just knit the tube a little longer, bind off, and wear it as a wristwarmer.


And, amazingly enough, I actually finished two of them.


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