a very Miffy birthday

by Sara

Here are a couple projects which almost didn’t get blogged (to be more accurate, they almost didn’t get made) from Adeline’s birthday way back in November.

First of all, the Birthday Crown (made using the template from Amanda Soule’s The Creative Family).  She loved this crown for a few weeks — until her actual birthday party, when she refused to put it on.  Ah, kids.

Adeline loves Dick Bruna’s Miffy, both the books and the tv show, so this was my special project for her:

a Miffy softie.  This was the second softie I’ve ever attempted to make, both times without a pattern, and while Miffy turned out considerably better than the faceless teddy bear with no legs, I think from now on I’ll stick to using the patterns made by expert softie designers

Luckily, Adeline loves little Miffy, who must go nearly everywhere with her.  We also got her Miffy’s Christmas DVD, and our friend Gi made her a sweet little Miffy magnet, so it turned out to be a Very Miffy Birthday.  The girl was quite pleased.


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