unusual visitor

So, like I’ve mentioned before, we’ve got this field guide to South Dakota birds, and Adeline loves to page through it and ask, “Can this come to our bird feeder, Mommy?”  She will go through literally the entire book and ask that question about each bird (there are 125 species in there), so it’s a game that gets old pretty quickly, but Jake and I try to be good sports.  I always say “yes” to the small birds, even when I’ve no idea if they’d be attracted to our feeders or not.  When she gets to the ducks or hawks or game birds and things, I usually answer, “He won’t come to our bird feeder; he’s too big [or eats different food, or something to that effect.]”

But yesterday I was forced to re-evaluate my answers when we looked out the window and saw this:

Am I wrong, or is this a pheasant??  (Hen, of course.)  I actually noticed her blowing through our parking lot the day before (Monday) when it was super windy, but she didn’t stop to munch til yesterday. 

Just for a little size comparsion, these are the dark-eyed juncos that came to eat after the hen left.

This morning I noticed the pheasant taking shelter under our neighbor’s pine tree, and here she is again this afternoon taking advantage of our bird buffet.

Now the next time Adeline asks, “Can this come to our bird feeder, Mommy?”  I guess I’ll have to say, “Anything’s possible.”


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