art by Adeline

I used to roll my eyes when people would talk about how important it is to let your children use quality art supplies.  Yes, I thought, that would be lovely if we could afford it, but I don’t think our 2-year-old will notice the difference.  Maybe when she’s 4, I thought.

But recently we had been painting with some watercolors marketed for children, and they were awful.  The colors were so faint you might as well have been painting with plain water.  So one day we got out Jake’s watercolors & his watercolor paper and let her go.  And the results were so wonderful.  I guess now I’m one of those people whom other people will roll their eyes at when I say, “It really is important to let your child use good quality art products!”

The down side it that I am slightly more anal about Adeline dipping a dripping blue paintbrush into the yellow, but this just means that I am teaching her to use these supplies respectfully from the beginning.  It takes a bit of patience, but she’s already learning how to clean the brush between colors.

Completely unrelated: “the furrowed brow” has returned.  When Adeline was a very tiny baby she would scrunch up her forehead like this and everyone said she looked remarkably like her Daddy when she did it.  The expression has recently resurfaced (to go along with some other terrible-twos type tendencies!).


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