sew simple

Sorry about the pun, but I couldn’t resist.  (What is it about puns that is so eye-rolling, anyway?  Why are they treated with such scorn?  Everyone uses them at some point, and yet they are so often mocked.)  Anyway, just some simple sewing for Baby #2 (who is not due to arrive on the scene until June, yet is still making him/herself very much a part of our lives right now).  I made this diaper changing mat out of an old hand towel, some cotton fabric, and some ric-rac (I would have preferred ribbon or bias-tape for the ties, but I didn’t have any suitable options on hand). 

A good way to repurpose an old towel and prevent your baby’s butt from touching surfaces it shouldn’t.

It rolls up so as to be easily portable.  I also made this receiving blanket from a yard of polka dot flannel I had on hand.  So easy, yet so satisfying.  I can see many more of these blankets in my future . . . but oh, how I wish I had a serger!  That would make it even easier!  Are you listening, Serger Fairy?


2 thoughts on “sew simple

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  2. oh no, now i feel guilty because i have a serger and haven’t used it! in my defense, it is VERY difficult to thread (and keep threaded). i think there’s something wrong with the tension dials…

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