quilts, old and new

This is a quilt I found at a thrift store back when we still lived in St Louis.  I love the crazy weird family portrait look (and yes, that’s “Baby Adeline” rolling on it).  I wanted to share these photos today, partly because I haven’t found many thrifted treasures to show and tell about lately, and partly because I’ve really been missing some things about our old apartment. 

The hardwood floors (so much easier to clean in a house full of kids and pets [she says, recalling the cat puke she scrubbed out of the carpet just that morning . . . sigh]), all the natural light through those second floor windows, the way there actually were windows facing every direction.   If I may be completely cliche for a moment, I guess you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.

And as long as I’m on the subject of quilts, I figured I might as well talk about the quilt I’m currently (trying to) make for Adeline.  It’s from the same Alexander Henry dots-and-stripes fabrics that I made her pillowcase from (also a flashback to our life in St Louis).  I figure maybe if I mention the quilt here, I’ll have that much more reason to make sure it gets finished.  You all can hold me accountable now.


2 thoughts on “quilts, old and new

  1. yes! hardwood floors rock. We have lived in our house for four years and I still miss them everyday.

    Those are very cute fabrics to make a quilt with… I will be waiting for the finished result ::wink, wink::

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