Adeline update

Here’s what Adeline is up to as she nears 28 months of age:

Mostly she talks a lot.  And “reads” books.  And when she’s not talking or reading she likes to do puzzles.

But like I said, mostly she talks.  And recently she’s been asking questions:  “What does ______ mean?”  Usually she’s asking about words she’s heard in books.  Sometimes the words are really simple but it’s hard to put them in a context she’ll understand.   Fortunately she is usually satisfied with any definition I give her, no matter how short (or inaccurate).   But it’s definitely keeping my brain sharp.  Among the doozies she’s brought up already:

What does “punished” mean?
What does “there” mean?
What does “gee” mean?
What does “wager” mean?
What does “lawyer” mean?

Other Adeline anecdotes:

One night at dinner, Jake had asked her repeatedly not to tap her spoon on the table.  When she started tapping it again, I gave her a “look.”  She smiled sweetly and said, “I know I love you, but you can’t hit your spoon on the table.”  [She still gets “you” and “I” mixed up, and in this case she meant to say, “You know I love you,” which of course is something we’ve said to her before when she’s in trouble.]

Yesterday we were out playing in the mud and the muck and she tried to walk across a big patch of ice but it was too slippery.  She said, “Do you want some roller skates so you don’t have to step on the ice?”  [Again, “you” actually means “I.”]  She made me come inside and search the closets for some roller skates (which we don’t have).

And finally, one night we were getting ready to go to storytime and I mentioned that we’d be hearing stories about goats.  Adeline said, “And sheep.  And he’ll bring the decorations.  And we will decorate the tree, and we will celebrate the antlers.”  ??!!!!????


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