just Adeline

The other day we went on a quick walk before supper.  I was getting upset because Adeline was dawdling so much and we needed to get home and start cooking.  Adeline looked up at me and said, “Mom, be happy.  You don’t have to yell.”  Just for the record, I was not yelling.  And this girl is only 28 months old!


3 thoughts on “just Adeline

  1. As I was reading this Hailey came up and was looking at the picture, she then said, “Mom, I do not know who that is.” I told her it was Adeline. She went, “Oh, she has a lot of books on a shelf like we do.” I thought is was an interesting observation of the picture.

    • That is very interesting, because I was frustrated that the only thing really in focus in that shot is the bookshelf — not Adeline (we don’t have a very great camera). Hailey’s keen eye must have been drawn to that sharpness.

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