Easter dress

Pattern: Flower Girl Dress from Weekend Sewing
Fabric:  Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks

I’m pretty excited about this dress.  The pattern wasn’t difficult (though I did have to read, re-read, and re-re-read some of the directions, and even then sometimes I just forged ahead praying that it would turn out right).  I’d like to make a few more in a shorter length, maybe as summer tops.

I sewed on snaps to the back of the straps as the pattern errata suggests (well, actually, my mom paid us a visit just in time to help with some of the tedious hand-sewing which I’m awful at, so actually she sewed on most of the snaps — Thanks, Mom!).

I love the fabric, and I think there may be more of it in our wardrobe this summer.  If there’s time.  We’ll see.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait til after Easter to see a photo of Adeline in the dress.  She’s become quite reluctant to try on clothes when I want her to (actually, this reluctance is not only limited to trying on clothes, but extends to almost anything that Mom or Dad wants her to do.  Two year olds!).


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