Easter shrug

Pattern: Whirligig Shrug (Interweave Knits Weekend 2009)
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool

In South Dakota, Easter is not necessarily the best time to wear a springy, sleeveless dress (in fact, it has been known to be an occasion for snowboots).  So an Easter sweater had to be made for the Easter dress.

I had intended to make a long-sleeved cardigan, but when I got home from the yarn store (which is an hour’s drive away) I realized I hadn’t bought enough yarn.  So, on to Plan B.  This was a quick, not-too-difficult pattern, but though I’ve known how to knit for eight years, I still consider myself a beginner, since I’ve rarely ventured out of the realm of square/rectangular things and a few hats knit in the round.  So I made a few (pretty large) mistakes along the way.  But hopefully, as my dad pointed out, they will be only noticeable to me (and perhaps an expert knitter) the way that a woodworker’s mistakes are noticeable to himself but probably not to the average eye (my dad’s a pretty handy guy himself, so I’m sure he’s speaking from experience!).


4 thoughts on “Easter shrug

  1. Very impressive, Sara! I can’t wait to see Adeline in this with her dress. 🙂 I think I’m getting the hang of crocheting. We’ll see if I can finish any projects here soon.

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