crafts from the past

My parents visited us recently, and my mom brought me my old Easter basket, as well as some old Easter stuff she dug out of the depths of  (my) history.

Here we have, on the left, what is probably the first bit of needlework I ever completed.  In grade school we were assigned “adopted” grandparents that we were supposed to visit weekly, and mine was really into plastic canvas.  I’m pretty sure she put all the parts together in the end, I just did the sewing.

On the right is a project from elementary school — a baby food jar, a styrofoam ball, some lace and pipe cleaners and hot glue — voila, a jelly bean jar.

Here we have an egg-holding bunny made from a blue washcloth (assembled by my mother) and a sweet, dear little bunny that is not homemade, but seeing it brought back so many memories.  I remember being completely enthralled by her tiny purse.  I know we had two of these (two sisters, so we had two of everything) and I think the other one was purple. . . (do you remember, Liz?)


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