spring hats

Spring seemed like a good time for new hats.  Adeline’s is the Frilly Hat from Baby Beanies (love that book!).  Just as an aside, knitting hats is possibly my favorite thing ever.   They are fast, easy (well, they can be easy depending on what pattern you pick), great for practicing new techniques like cabling (rather than attempting a cable-knit cardigan right off the bat) and not nearly as boring as scarves.  I think they are great for beginning knitters to start with — particularly baby hats because their small size makes them knit up even faster.  And who can resist those tiny little hats meant for sweet little heads? 

(Also of note: first dandelion of the season!)

My hat is Soulemama’s Favorite Knit Hat (free pattern!).  I’m so excited to have a nice little hat for spring — more to keep the South Dakota wind from tangling my hair than for actual warmth. 

Hooray for Spring!


2 thoughts on “spring hats

  1. Sara~ Love the hats! I’m going to have to try to make one of those little hats like Adeline’s, too cute. So glad it looks like you’re feeling better. We’ll have to make a trip down to Yankton soon.

  2. i had to giggle at the title “spring hats”… spring in st. louis has consisted of several 80-degree days! we went from sweaters to shorts overnight.

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