a purse and something else

It’s spring, so I’ve been thinking about this purse that’s been hiding under my bed for a while.  Does anyone else think that purses should change with the seasons?  Maybe that’s just an excuse for owning as many bags as I do …

Anyway, this is one I sewed by hand back in college, when I knew absolutely nothing about sewing.  It’s from an old pair of jeans I had that were embroidered on the back of the legs — this was back when embroidery on stuff was just getting big.  Now you can hardly find clothes without these embellishments.  I used the waistband for the strap.  As I said, I had no idea what I was doing so the sewing is very wonky.  But it’s held up for a few years anyway.

Also, I just wanted to mention that Clean is having a Babywearing Celebration, with some great stories and a giveaway every day!!  Very exciting.  All of the comments are open until tomorrow, so you can go back and comment on all the previous posts.  Great stuff!  And a picture of me and Adeline even made its way into one of the posts!


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