thoughts after a thunderstorm

There are many, many reasons I am thankful that I get to stay home with Adeline, not the least of which is this: I love being able to experience the weather and feel in-touch with the outdoor world.  This may sound silly, but for the two years I worked in a library in St Louis which was pretty much just a giant box with a few windows (most of which were very high up so all you could see out of them was sky) I would often have to stop and really think about what season it was outside, because after being enclosed inside for hours every day I wasn’t really sure anymore.  In fact, much of my life has been spent inside schools or workplaces that are over-air-conditioned in the summer (requiring a sweater) and over-heated in the winter (making sweaters uncomfortable), in addition to which I was always on someone else’s time-clock, meaning I couldn’t just go outside and experience the weather whenever I wanted. 

And who hasn’t been at school or work and wished they were home enjoying a beautiful snowfall with some hot chocolate, or longed to be outside on the first warm day of spring, or wanted to run out and dance barefoot in the summer rain?  Often times when we visit the library or the grocery store, the person at the counter will ask, “What’s the weather like out there?/Is it still raining?/How hot is it outside?/etc.,” and I’m so thankful that I know the answer.  

Last night we had a pretty big thunderstorm.  But this morning the sun was shining strong, the sky was bright blue and the clouds were bright white.  Adeline and I went for a long, meandering (two-year-old style) walk through the neighborhood and picked a bouquet from a generous neighbor’s garden (with a few from our own yard thrown in — those would be the dandelions).  We came home and lay down for a nap, and suddenly there was a great clap of thunder.  And the rain absolutely poured, and I watched tiny hailstones bouncing in the grass, and we fell asleep to the sound of the rain pounding on our metal roof.  And I was so thankful to be able to experience that, and to be able to watch the wonder in my daughter’s eyes as she, too, begins to understand and love the natural world surrounding her.

Also, I thought I’d throw in a few pictures of The Ponytail, since it may never happen again.  I managed to convince her, on a particularly windy day, to let me put her hair back.  But generally she is adamantly against it.



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