snack time

This is a both a confession and a cry for help: I hate snack time! 

Wait, let me back up a bit.  For years now, snack time for myself consisted mostly of crackers (from a box, of course) and cheese, chips & salsa, or perhaps a bowl of cereal or a granola bar (and the occasional package of Oreos).  Basically, even though I tried to choose healthy ones, these are all pre-packaged “convenience” foods.  No big deal — I usually only had one snack a day in the afternoon.

Enter: the two-year-old, a.k.a the constantly hungry energy monster, who requires not one, not two, but three (at least) snacks a day.  I have a huge problem being creative and getting enough variety into our snacking.  I’m lucky if I can come up with three meals a day, let alone different snacks between each meal . . . I don’t mind reaching for a box of crackers or a granola bar or a container of yogurt once in a while (say, for one snack a day), but I’d like more of our snacks to be fresh fruit/veg or homemade things.  However, I haven’t figured out how to do this without creating a lot more work for myself (i.e., mounds of dirty dishes).  One of the things I would like to do is set aside time to bake/prepare a whole bunch of things that can be frozen or parcelled out ahead of time, but unfortunately large blocks of solo time in the kitchen haven’t been coming my way very often lately.

One thing we just started doing that has helped enormously is making smoothies every day for morning snack.  We use Dr. Sears’s School-Ade recipe as a jumping off point.  I love the predictability of making the same thing every day, yet we can vary the recipe enough that they don’t get boring (plus they’re really easy!).  So, morning snack solved.  Now for afternoon and bedtime snacks …  Please leave a comment with any suggestions or favorite recipes or ideas.  I would greatly appreciate it!     

(Adeline’s very sweet bird shirt made by my talented and generous sister.)


4 thoughts on “snack time

  1. My kids love cheese (string cheese and chunk cheese), carrots and ranch, frozen fruit/juice bars (either homemade or store bought), graham crackers and strawberry cream cheese, trail mix (my kids love almonds and nuts and then some dried fruit) granola with yogurt, yeah… that is about all I can thin of right now.

    We love smoothies too, they are super good and and easy way to add a variety of food groups.

  2. How about celery with pb or Velveeta cheese or maybe some black olives; she could make puppets on her fingers like we used to! Love you!

  3. While we are not yet to the big kid snack stage… I thought I’d share a thought or two!

    Toast – add butter and cinnamon or jelly

    Fruit with milk and sugar ( banana, strawberries, or blueberries were some of my favorite as a kid)

    Cheese melted on tortillas are my favorite! I just grate cheese over one and pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds.

    Hope that helps 🙂 My in-laws used a book (and gave us a copy) called “Feed Me I’m Yours” by Vicki Lansky that has a chapter on toddler meals.

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