my maternity muu muu

As cute as all those little belly-bump-showing maternity shirts are, toward the end of my last pregnancy I found myself longing for a giant muu muu that I could just live in, something big and flowy and long enough to actually cover me — all of my maternity shirts were too short near the end.  Although styles have changed in the few years since my last pregnancy, and most shirts now are generally longer than the maternity tops I bought back then, I’m still finding myself wishing for something that looks like a big, comfortable tent.

Hence the Maternity Muu Muu Shirt.

This project is the result of two different sources of inspiration: first, this old Forever 21 dress that didn’t fit me anymore.  I thought there must be a way to cut off the skirt part and turn it into a maternity top.  But since I have no experience whatsoever in designing clothes I wasn’t sure what to do.

And second, this cute top from Boden’s new teen line.  (Just for the record, I no longer shop in the juniors’ section!  But I guess since I’m on the Boden and miniBoden mailing list, I got a copy of the juniors’ catalog.)  When I saw it I thought, that looks simple enough to make and if it were just a bit wider it’d be a perfect maternity shirt.

And so the Maternity Muu Muu was born.  Well, honestly, it might never have been born and just lived on in my mind had it not been for Made By Rae’s Spring Top Week.  Nothing like a deadline to get this procrastinator moving!

I put some pleats in the front, some elastic in the back to make it easier to get on and off, and I used the belt of the dress to make the shoulder straps.  It couldn’t get much simpler.  And I’m pretty sure it will fit all the way through week 40!


5 thoughts on “my maternity muu muu

  1. Looks great and looks comfortable!

    I have a weekly Thursday blog party especially for people to share things they’ve made to be worn. Stop by if you’d like!

  2. hi sara,how r u? your princess such a pretty girl….you’re blooming sara….gosh imiss talking 2 u..carl still remember u…

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