Adeline’s quilt

I need to apologize up front for putting so many photos in this post.  Not only is it hard to photograph an entire quilt, this is also the biggest thing I’ve ever sewn, so I guess I felt it deserved the biggest blog post!

Anyway, as you have no doubt surmised by now, Adeline’s quilt is finished!  I will always wonder why I chose to make a twin size quilt for my first quilting project ever.  Why not start with something smaller like a wall hanging or a baby quilt?  I suppose it was simply necessity.  Adeline needed something for her new “big girl bed.”  And  I needed to hurry up and get it done so we could finally set up that bed and tuck the crib away til baby comes.  

I mentioned before that the spots and stripes are Alexander Henry to match her pillowcase.  The faux-patchwork fabric is something I picked up at an antique store in Hutchinson, KS.   It just happened to have a lot of the same colors as the other fabrics, and I liked them together.  Though I would have loved to make my own binding and sew it on by hand, this quilt was on a deadline, so I used store-bought quilt binding and machine-sewed it.  Some day when I have more time (um, when will that be, exactly?) I’ll try out the handmade binding.

Fortunately the transition from toddler bed to big-girl bed went relatively smoothly.  Adeline went into her room the first night exclaiming, “It’s a big girl bed with a kilt [quilt] on it!” 

 And this new bed has more room for snuggling and reading together.

Also of importance, it almost immediately gained the  Raja Seal of Approval.  Everything that comes into this house must be lain or slept upon by this cat or it’s not official. 

So, the BIG project that’s been occupying my mind lately is finished.  Now to focus on the dozens of smaller projects still in my head . . . and only 4 weeks left till baby comes.


6 thoughts on “Adeline’s quilt

  1. Sara~ What a beautiful quilt! I loved all the pictures. The girls and I both laughed out loud when we saw the cat on the quilt. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Bravo, Sara. It’s good to be ambitious with these things, I think…otherwise you might never do them at all! I love it.

  3. So many things to love in this quilt!! May she cherish it always! That’s the hope I carry for the one I made for my daughter’s big girl bed. 🙂

  4. Love it! so bright and cheery.

    I have hand quilted one crib quilt and it took forever… The last few quilts I have cheated and skipped the binding all together.

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