summer headgear

I love the head scarf I made last summer from Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing (the green one on the left).  So I decided to make a few more before baby comes.  I have a feeling there may not be that many opportunities to take a shower in my near future.

My favorite is the sweet elephant & giraffe fabric, a gift from my dear and talented friend Gina (check out the cool stuff she makes).  When I first saw it, I intended to use it to make something for Adeline.  But in the end I was too selfish to part with it.

Note to self: don’t forget to put sunblock on your ears!!

Also, it’s the time of year for strawberry-rhubarb sodas!!  (No Ruby Junes for me for now.)



5 thoughts on “summer headgear

  1. I’m honored that you plugged my etsy shop! I love the headband and am happy that you snagged the fabric for yourself. You just have to do that sometimes.

  2. I agree with asyhre–you’re totally beautiful and look happy, not always an easy task late in pregnancy!

    I LOVE the headbands. I wonder how well they’d stay in my long hair…. thanks for putting the idea in my head! 🙂

    • Firtst off — thanks!!
      Secondly, for me they stay put pretty well — I don’t have to fuss with them like I do when I tie a scarf on. The elastic in the back keeps them secure but not uncomfortably tight.

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