what we’ve been up to

Posts have been kind of sparse around here for the past couple weeks, and I can only guess that they will become even more so in the next few weeks.  So here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on in our lives as we head into summer:

::Sewing.  Just a few practical things.  Some covers for the changing table, some shorts and skirts for Adeline (all made from former t-shirts or tanks), a small zippered bag to stow our summer-outing essentials (you know: sunscreen, chapstick, wipes, bandaids, etc.), and a shirt for me (almost completed in March; finally finished two weeks ago).

The zippered bag (my first attempt at sewing a zipper alone without help from my mama) was a complete and total disaster in every way — except in that it does actually zip closed and fit all our stuff, so I guess it fulfills its purpse (for now — til I can make a proper one!).  The skirts and shorts were made because Adeline insisted on wearing the striped skirt I made last summer nearly every day.  She really loves skirts right now because they are easy for her to put on by herself.  And the shirt I made for myself is the Simplicity 2593 pattern.  I made it a size larger than I would have worn pre-pregnancy, and miraculously it nearly covers my giant belly.  It will be perfect for the rest of this summer (and possibly next) when I’m not quite back to my former shape.  The fabric is some jersey I found at Goodwill.  Here is the shirt:

Photo by Adeline (She was messing around with the camera.  It’s possibly the most unflattering picture ever taken of me, but it was easier than trying to take it myself.)

::Talking.  Constantly. Adeline is such a chatterbox and so many hilarious things come out of her mouth everyday that I can’t possibly keep track of them all.  One of the funniest things she’s been doing is occasionally narrating her life in the first person:  she’ll say, “Where are we going? I said,” or “Dog poop, I said.”

::Celebrating. We’ve been attending a lot of festivals this summer (or “festibles” if you’re talking to Adeline).  Most recently we spent the day with friends and family experiencing Czech culture in a nearby town.

::Dragon hunting. This is Adeline’s new favorite thing to do on our walks through the neighborhood.  She likes to be a knight riding her “horse” (i.e. broom) on the lookout for dragons to take back to her kingdom.  Of course, she usually tires of riding the horse long before the walk is over, and then Jake or I tend to get funny looks from people.  What, you’ve never seen a pregnant lady walking down the street carrying a broom before?

::Grilling out.  As much as possible to avoid heating up our whole apartment with the oven.  We’re trying to do more meatless grilling.  This recipe was considered a success by all three of us.  Any other suggestions out there?

::Searching for bugs. But finding our neighbor’s blackberries instead.

::Mopping up. It seems we’ve had our share of torrential rainstorms this spring, and unfortunately we’ve got a leaky basement window.

::Clowning around. With a box full of goodies from Auntie Lizzie.  (Thanks, Sis!)

::Cooling off. The temperatures are rising and we head out to the pool or beach nearly every other day.

::Eating local. We love the weekly vegetable delivery from our CSA.  But we’re a little sad that strawberry season is already over.  I guess that means we’re just that much closer to my personal summer favorite . . . tomatoes!!


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