food memory

I have wondered before whether the memories of an entire day can be triggered simply by recalling the meals eaten on that day.  Just remembering the food and where the ingredients came from, how it was prepared and where it was eaten and who it was shared with  — it seems like that should be enough to help me remember everything else that was going on at the time, considering how integral food gathering, preparation, and eating are to our daily lives.  For instance, from the list below I will be reminded of the excitement of those first weeks of CSA deliveries, of squeezing in one last beach trip with good friends before Baby #2 arrives, of the way our oven heats up our tiny house, of the first really hot days of summer, of the last days of my second pregnancy, and of the very last fresh local strawberry.

Of course, now I have cheated and written down things that will serve to aid my memory in addition to just a simple list of food.  I really think the list would have worked on its own, I guess it just wouldn’t have made that interesting of a blog post (it probably still isn’t — sorry!).

Breakfast:  pb on honey wheat bread from the farm
Lunch: picnic on the beach with the lovely Brown ladies
Supper: bbq chicken pizza on the grill (with this dough recipe)
Dessert: rhubarb cream cheese pie (with homemade cream cheese and store-bought crust)
After-park snack: the last strawberries

What foods will you be remembering from this summer?


4 thoughts on “food memory

  1. Sara~
    That pie looks SO good! How hard is it to make the cream cheese? We had a great day yesterday with you girls. Take care. Enjoy these last days before baby arrives.

    • Katie,
      There are different ways to make cream cheese, but I was using yogurt to make whey. You just put plain yogurt (I used store-bought) in a cheesecloth or dishtowel, tie it around a wooden spoon and suspend it (I just set the spoon on top of a pitcher and hang it in there). Let it hang for a few hours until it stops dripping — the liquid in the pitcher is whey, and what’s left in the dishtowel is cream cheese! It couldn’t be easier. It has quite a different taste and texture than the Philly you get from the store, though!

  2. My parents had chickens while we were grown up… that brings both good memories. like eggs with all there shapes and colors and going and finding them in the coup, but is also brought the not so good memories, like butchering in the fall.

  3. sara, you must share your recipes! yummmmm. also, i’ve been walking joe down sutton early in the morn, and i always think of you. miss you!

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