Sweet Bea

Introducing Miss Beatrice Jane.

She was born (despite many insinuations to the contrary) exactly on time and not a minute late on July 5th at 1:43 AM (she just missed the fireworks!).

She’s a very sweet-tempered little thing.  Here she is modeling a onesie stenciled by Auntie Lizzie and some mama-made pants (big enough to fit over that cloth-diaper bum!).

We’re so glad she’s finally here — well, most of us are glad.  Adeline still isn’t so sure.   Here’s a face we’ve seen a lot of in the last three weeks:

The first day we brought Bea home, Adeline asked me, “Will I still be a big sister when the baby leaves?”  Well, she hasn’t left, and we’re making some progress.  Last night Adeline asked if she could hold her baby sister, but then changed her mind at the last minute.  We’ll get there eventually.

For now this blog will probably continue to be pretty quiet as we adjust to life as a foursome and concentrate on only the most essential tasks — like somehow managing to stay fed and not drown under piles of laundry and dishes. 

Hope you’re all enjoying these summer days!


4 thoughts on “Sweet Bea

  1. Sara~She is such a sweet little thing. I can’t wait to hold her. Maybe we’ll try to visit this week–what does your schedule look like?

    I remember ME asking if we could give the baby back when Natalie was born. They do eventually adjust, it takes some time! 🙂

  2. Eeep, congratulations on your new wee one! I hope you & the rest of your family have found your way into a lovely new rhythm.

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