our little Funny Face

Little Funny Face is one month old today!  I’ll spare you the “time-goes-by-so-fast” stuff (but really, it does!).  We’ve been blessed to have much help from our family in the past month, but for the last week or so we’ve been pretty much on our own, trying to get some sort of rhythm going (so far, it’s not happening — chaos reigns supreme).  Trying to balance raising a newborn and a two-year-old with managing a household and Jake’s work and school while still staying healthy and maintaining our sanity — that’s a pretty tall order.  There is twice as much to be done now and half as much time to do it.  So we’re sticking with the basics: eating three meals a day (though I can’t say they’re always very nutritious) and washing the seemingly endless piles of laundry (though I can’t say it’s always folded before things get wrinkly) and making sure everyone gets enough snuggles and hugs.

One of the many things on my to-do list that’s not getting done so quickly is writing thank-you notes.  (I know, I know — now you’re saying to yourselves, “Well why isn’t she writing those thank yous instead of this blog post?”  I guess my priorities are skewed.)  We’ve received so many generous gifts, and so many wonderful handmade goodies that I’d like to post about.  Two of such gifts are pictured below: the fish onesie is one of many painted by my sister, and the sweet apple tee was one of a trio sewn by my friend Katie.

Some other wonderful gifts have already been posted about by my crafty blogging friends Angela (a lovely blanket and toy) and Gi (sweet soaps, shoes, and nursing cover).  Thanks to you lovely ladies and to everyone else who has given gifts for the girls!  We love you all.  (Don’t worry, this does not replace the formal thank you notes!)

Photo by David Marshall http://www.davidaaronmarshall.com

Beatrice is fortunate enough to share her one month birthday with Mr. Wendell Berry, who is turning 76 today (at least, I think that’s so; not being personally acquainted with the man, I gathered that info from Wikipedia).  Wendell Berry is definitely my favorite living writer, and probably my Very Favorite Writer Ever (though that does occasionally change with my mood or the seasons).   In my humble opinion, he may be the most brilliant man alive.  I will forever be indebted to the literature professor that first introduced me to his poetry and essays.  If you’d like to read more, we’ve got a list of some of our favorite essays in the sidebar at right, or check out these websites: Mr Wendell Berry of Kentucky, or Wendell Berry Books.

Happy one-month, Bea!
Happy 76th, Mr Berry!


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