savoring summer’s flavors

‘Tis the season — we’ve been getting loads of fresh stuff from our CSA farm lately.  This increase in harvest has coincided with a considerable decrease in time for meal preparation around here.  The result has been some very simple, very delicious meals. 

My personal favorite meal is BLTs with sweet corn and cucumber salad.  I’ve been meaning to try BLTAs (A for Avocado) from the Family Meals cookbook.  We’ve also been enjoying Grilled Corn Salsa (I’ll post the recipe for this soon), and Cucumber Chicken.

Cucumber Chicken has been a favorite in our family for a few years.  I started making this in high school; I think I first found the recipe in Taste of Home magazine, but I’ve been making it from memory for so long that I’m uncertain of its origin.  Also, since I’ve been making it from memory I’m a little sketchy on amounts, so just do what seems right (sorry, I know that’s annoying).  Here it is:

Cucumber Chicken
1 cup (or so) plain yogurt
1 medium (or large?) cucumber, diced
fresh dill
salt & pepper to taste
4 chicken breasts
Italian dressing

Combine yogurt, dill, salt & pepper, and cucumber.  Chill in refrigerator.

Brush chicken with Italian dressing and grill  OR Wrap chicken & dressing in foil and grill that way (chicken stays moister this way).

Serve chicken topped with cucumber sauce.  This is even great with leftover cold chicken.

We’ve also had a surplus of plums, and since my Roasted Plums (again from the delightful Family Meals) didn’t go over so well, I thought I’d try a plum cake.  And I couldn’t stop thinking about Amelie’s Famous Plum Cake, from my favorite-movie-ever Amelie.  So on a whim I googled “Amelie’s Plum Cake” and found this.  And it was so, so, so good!! 

This is also the kind of recipe that would be good with other fruits substituted for the plums.  We can’t wait to try it with rhubarb and cherries next year! 


3 thoughts on “savoring summer’s flavors

  1. I’m going to have to try both of those recipes–that cake looks so yummy! I love that movie, too, by the way. I haven’t watched it since college, I think I need to rent that again soon. There’s parts in that movie that just make me laugh out loud. AND, your CSA fruits/veggies look wonderful! I’m ever so convinced that we have to do that next summer. Maybe we can come visit you soon–I’ll let you know.

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