from the mouth of Adeline

talking to Bea before a trip to the pet store:  “Beatrice likes puppies besterer than kittens.”

upon finishing a meal: “May I be inscused, please?”

turning on her cd player: “Some nice warm music will cheer you up.”

while playing “hen”: “I’ll be back in a little minute, after I go home and hatch my chicklins out.

in church, looking around: “Mama, where’s God?” pointing at random guy in the next pew: “Is that God?”

Also, she’s taken to only calling me “mother,” but it sounds like “mudder” when she says it.  “Oh, Mudder!”


8 thoughts on “from the mouth of Adeline

  1. Ah, the hilarity of two-year-old’s! Here are some of our latest Abram favorites:

    About anything: “I never even hate it.”

    In reply to an incomprehensible two year old, “What? What does that mean?”

    From the window last night: “It’s dark! Wanna see? Come here, I show you.”

    And Luke’s personal favorite…
    Daddy: “Abram, who is Jesus?”
    Abram: “Christ, our Lord.” (He once answered, “Lord, have mercy.”)

  2. Oh, also, he has started referring to Luke and me as “guys,” as in, “Ok, guys. You, do crawl.” and “Hey, guys! Time a go outside!”

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