inspired by picture books

I’ve been re-reading Under the Chinaberry Tree, and the review of Elisa Kleven’s The Paper Princess sounded so wonderful.  It’s the story of a little girl who draws a princess and cuts her out, but then the princess gets blown away in the wind before the little girl can play with her.  The princess has many adventures before she finds her way back home. (Ok, my review is way lamer than the one in Chinaberry.) 

Fortunately they had a copy of the book at our library.   Adeline was completely captivated by it, so we had to make our own Paper Princess.

And we also checked out Cynthia Rylant’s Lets Go Home.  I absolutely love this book, especially this picture of the living room.  There are two moms sitting at the table sewing while their children play.  This is my dream play date!  Perhaps some day, when the girls are a little older …


4 thoughts on “inspired by picture books

    • Oh, gladly! Though you might be better off checking out a book or something — I’m mostly self-taught so my methods are pretty haphazard!

    • What, you don’t wear white sneakers with colored socks? I really do wear a lot of head scarves, though. Hair washing is over-rated.

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