My mom has been helping my grandmother (her mom) clean out her closets and attics (in preparation for a move to an apartment), and in the process my mom has recovered some pretty wonderful treasures from her childhood — including about a dozen adorable baby dresses that she wore and 3 doll quilts she used to play with.  One of these made it’s way to my house, and I’m absolutely crazy about it.

My grandmother thinks it was made by her own mother.  There are so many wonderful fabric scraps in this quilt that it makes me positively giddy to contemplate what they may have all been in their former lives.  A dress worn by my great grandmother?  A skirt or apron worn by my grandmother and her many sisters?  Curtains?  Baby clothes? 

I really wish some of those items still existed!  I would love to have a skirt made from that fabric with the black, blue, and yellow circles.  And check out the handwork — I don’t even know what half these stitches are.

And it is backed with paisley(!) flannel.   *Love*

There are so many things to contemplate as I look at this quilt over and over again, not least of them how very lucky I feel to have this link to a woman I never met, and to hold in my hands a little piece of the puzzle that is my family history.