heirlooms, part two

Jake’s mother brought us a lovely gift when Beatrice was born.  Her own mother had just unpacked an old trunk that had been up in the rafters of a garage for 50 years or so.  In it they found some baby clothes that Jake’s grandma probably wore when she was a child.  Which means they were made over 80 years ago.

They are simple but amazingly beautiful.  The handwork is remarkable — to think someone put that much work into outfits meant to be worn by messy babies!  There are three baby dresses — with short sleeves, no sleeves, and a heavier one with long sleeves. 

And there are also three sleeveless shirts and a t-shirt that are just about the right size for Adeline.  They are all edged in different kinds of lace and the t-shirt has beautiful embroidery around the collar.

I had just about given up on getting a picture of Adeline wearing one of these, since she has this sixth sense about things I really want her to do, even if I act totally nonchalant like I couldn’t care less if she puts on this 80 year old shirt and lets me take a picture of her in it — I guess she can see right through me.  She has pretty much refused to wear anything I make for her (ever since the vest) or anything I pick out, so I’ve stopped making her things or trying to get her to wear outfits I like (i.e., ones that match!).

Then I read this post.  And I can’t believe bribery didn’t occur to me earlier!  It was so easy.  “If you wear this shirt, you can have a chocolate chip cookie!”  She even volunteered to pose for pictures (which she generally dislikes).

Bribery was almost too easy, really.  If I’m not careful, I could totally see it becoming a habit!

And finally, this beautiful dress is not exactly a family heirloom — yet — but I wanted to show it off anyway.  It was a gift from Jake’s cousin Marie, and I love love love it — though I have not tried it on yet because so far every time I’ve tried on any of my pre-pregnancy clothes there is much disappointment and pouting.  Maybe in a few months…


4 thoughts on “heirlooms, part two

  1. I am SWOONING over all of that handwork. It is beautiful and awe-inspiring, too. Like you said, that someone put that much time into making something for a little one to wear, and probably for such a short time, too. And your outfit–can’t wait to see what the whole thing looks like!

  2. Bribery – Our Eye Dr suggested it to get Myles to wear his eye patch… it also had not occurred to us! We tried it one day with no success…. perhaps he is to young? Or the treat was not good enough?

    Love the old clothes!

    • I guess it says something about our characters that bribery was not the first option to pop into our heads! Adeline would do almost anything for sweets, but perhaps there are some things that even chocolate wouldn’t make palatable.

  3. Oh wow, what absolute treasures those are to have! My son went through a stage where he wanted nothing to do with my handmade things anymore but he seems to have grown out of it. Phew. For now.

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