eggplant feta burgers

I did not come up with this amazing eggplant salad.  But I did decide to put it on a burger.  And I’m feeling quite brilliant right about now.  Yummmmm.


4 thoughts on “eggplant feta burgers

  1. Jake brought leftovers to school and it looked – and smelled – GREAT! Thanks for posting the recipe!

    How are you liking the milk?! Matt and I are both impressed with the taste. He was super worried it would smell funny or taste different, but this milk meets his approval. I can’t wait to make homemade ice cream with it!

    Do you make yogurt? If you do, I’d love the recipe for that too!

    • Jake was the same way when we first got raw milk in Kansas. 🙂 I think the milk is great! Though I can’t say the same for the butter and yogurt I tried to make from it. I tried to make the butter in my Kitchenaid mixer (directions here) but I think either I got too much milk when I tried to skim the cream off, or else I didn’t let it sit long enough to reach room temperature, or both. It was a bust but I’m going to try it again. I made yogurt in my crockpot and it tastes good but the texture is kind of chunky. Could that be because my starter yogurt was kind of chunky? The crockpot was easy, but next time I might use the method in Nourishing Traditions. I read that if you heat it to a higher temperature it turns out thicker, and the crockpot only heated it to 130 or so. So much to learn!

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