sun lawn sky coasters

I’ve had a bit of color-phobia for a while now when it comes to home decor.  I’ve been living in rentals for the past 10 years, and Jake and I have moved 4 times in the 6 years we’ve been married.  At first I had fun decorating “my” place, but the more we packed and unpacked all those boxes, the less enthusiastic I became.  I started saving up ideas in my head for our someday “real” home, and in the meantime just made-do with a mish-mash of mismatching things I wasn’t all that attached to.  We were often surrounded by a sea of beige, white, tan, off-white, cream, etc.

Then.  One day I just couldn’t take it anymore, I guess. I snapped and committed to a color scheme for our living room.  It all started when I checked out The Girls of Slender Means from the library.  I never did get around to reading it, but I was drawn to the dust  jacket’s green, blue and yellow brick pattern.  I decided: those are my colors.  Then I did nothing about it.

Until.  I saw Anna Maria Horner’s pallette piles, one of which is called Sun Lawn Sky (i.e., Yellow Green Blue!).  Yippee!  So I ordered a whole pile of beautiful fabric from which to create things for our living room.  First on the agenda: coasters — to protect our lovely new coffee table which Jake stained a greeny-blue color.

So here they are, and please forgive me for taking so many pictures of four small, simple quilted squares of fabric (they are reversible — different prints on each side), but they do make me rather giddy, probably more so than four small fabric squares should make a person.  But sewing time is so rare these days that finishing any project is hugely gratifying!

Coincidentally, I ordered this yarn from Knit Picks to make a wool diaper cover for Bea.  It just happens to be blue, green, and yellow.  Perhaps there will be enough left over for… a knitted something-or-other for the living room?


9 thoughts on “sun lawn sky coasters

  1. I love these, they are so colorful! I wish I could get my sewing machine up and running again, but I know it we be the same thing I always do. Start a project and never finish it!

  2. Whoo hoo! your sewing again. Those are so cute and I love the colors. I hear ya on the white, off white, beige, tan thing. We have lived in a rental for 5 years and I tried talking the landlord into letting me paint pretty colors on the walls and he was not to sure of the idea.

    I can not wait to see the finish diaper cover.

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