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Adeline and I found this wonderful old book at a used bookstore: Right Now by  David Kherdian and Nonny Hogrogian.  Published in 1983, it’s almost as old as I am, and I’m pretty sure it’s out of print.  But it is found its way into our lives at the perfect time (which is right now, I guess).  It’s a great reminder to live in the moment and be present in your surroundings.  Adeline is smitten with this book, and hopefully it’s still available at some libraries out there. 

Each verso (left-hand) page has a black and white drawing of a little girl who is telling us either of a recent misfortune in her life (“Last night my brother hit me”) or of a future event about which she is is excited (“Tomorrow I’m going to the zoo”) or nervous (“Next year I’ll have a new teacher, and maybe I’ll like her and maybe I won’t”).  And every facing page has a colored drawing of the girl, and she is saying, “But right now I am running in the meadow,” or “But right now the rain is falling on everything, including me,” or whatever else is happening to her at the moment. 

I’ve decided to do my own little version of Right Now here on the blog, as a regular exercise in acknowledging and then letting go of past frustrations, impatience for impending events, and anxieties about the future.  As a way to take stock of where I’m at right now in this life, and hold on to it, cherish it if only for a moment.  Here are the first two.  Oh, and obviously the “right now” part refers to the right now in the picture, not the right now right now, in which case I would have to say, “But right now I am sitting at my computer typing this blog post.”


Pretty soon those cold Dakota winds will blow, and the snow will fly, and we’ll have to bundle up in mittens, scarves, hats, and boots just to go get the groceries, and we’ll get stir-crazy sitting around inside all day.But right now my feet are crunching through the leaves.

Someday she’ll be bigger and have opinions of her own (like her sister), and she won’t want to be dressed in my favorite outfits, and she’ll refuse to wear the clothes I make for her.But right now, she’s still my little baby and I can put silly hats on her if I want to.

I’m going to try to do this on a weekly basis, every Tuesday.  If anyone else wants to join in, just leave a link to your Right Now in the comments here.


18 thoughts on “right now

  1. i love your “right now”
    and what a lovely book! the drawings and the thoughts.

    here’s one of mine.
    tomorrow might involve a difficult conversation,
    but right now i am listening to this song – little blue by josh garrels

    (look it up – i think you might enjoy it, too.)

    • Thanks, I can’t wait to listen to mr. garrels — but I’ll have to wait til we get the sound working on our computer again! If his music is as cool as his album art, I think I’ll love it!

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