mint + chocolate = happy birthday

I am twenty-nine.

Ingredients for a (nearly) perfect birthday:

~An hour of social time with the other storytime mamas.

~A phone call from my mama.

~Coffee from a good friend.

~A phone call from another good friend.

~26 happy birthday wishes from Facebook friends.

~A husband who offers to make a special birthday dinner.

~Chocolate-dipped peppermint creams (i.e., homemade Peppermint Patties) made with help from my big girl.  It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and the peppermint cream part is very kid-friendly — like making minty play-doh, as the cookbook says.  We used the recipe from The River Cottage Family Cookbook but this one is pretty much the same.  The words “Birthday Tradition” keep running through my head.

~A yummy dinner at a Mexican restaurant after husband finds out he has to work late.

~No dirty dishes because we ate at Mexican restaurant!!!!!  (Still have to clean up the mess from the peppermint creams though…)


8 thoughts on “mint + chocolate = happy birthday

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I was intending to say that all day, but the day just seemed to disappear! Sounds like it was a pretty good on. We may have to make those mint chocolate patties, they look yummy!

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