right now

It took us 10 minutes to find socks, shoes, mittens, hat, and wrangle the big sister into them; to get zipped up in coats; to bundle up the baby and wrap her in the mei tai; to finally get out the door.But right now, we’re basking in the November sunshine.


These Right Now posts have been so much fun for me, and I’ve loved reading the other ones out there:


If you would like to join in with your own Right Now, just leave a link in the comments here!  (The original post is here.)



7 thoughts on “right now

    • It thought it took us an hour to get out of the house, but I timed it and realized that it only feels like forever. I thought about exaggerating it, but didn’t! Anyhow it takes so much longer than in summer when we could just slip feet into sandals, open the door, and be gone.

    • It takes us much longer if we are actually getting ready to go somewhere — this was just for a quick walk. Also, I didn’t mention that getting Adeline dressed usually takes the better part of half an hour!

  1. I understand you perfectly.
    Today I woke up early than ever. I was happy because I have time. Then I said to my husband. Please give the milk to Lua instead I was with the changing diaper to my boy, and I start to hear fighting. My girl wanted I don’t know what. When I finished my girl didn’t drink her milk yet, at least we went late to the school 😦

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