Bea’s vest

Well, I finally finished Bea’s pebble vest.  The vest I started in June when she was still snug in the womb.  The vest I was thisclose to finishing before she arrived.  The vest that then languished on my needles until I knew I must finish it this instant or my giant baby would never be able to wear it.

So I finished it.  I ran out of green yarn at the end, so one of the shoulder straps is purple.  But I finished it.  And I put it on Bea and it fit … for about two minutes (my she grows fast!).

I used the leftover yarn from Adeline’s vest.  Yes, the vest she never wears.  But I did manage to finagle a picture of the two of them.


7 thoughts on “Bea’s vest

  1. I love the pic of the 2 girls in their vests, adorable! I wish I could knit. learning how is on my to do list, but that list is so long I hope I can get to it someday! congrats on getting it finished!

  2. So cute! You wouldn’t know that the purple strap was supposed to be green – it fits! Sooo, do you have any cute little man vest patterns? *grin*

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