right now

Someday, God willing, we will own our own home.  It might be an old farmhouse in the country, where we can raise sheep and chickens and let the kids run free.  It might be a house in the center of a city, within walking distance of the library, post office, and market.  Either way, we will hopefully have a yard with more than one tree in it.  Someday a third of our belongings won’t be packed up in boxes (stowed away in my parents’ attic) waiting for the day we finally have enough room.  Someday I will have a matching set of bathroom towels.  Someday we will have enough bookshelves (maybe).But right now, the baby’s changing table is in the living room.  The girls share a dresser, which is full to bursting with their clothes.  Baby gear and toys dominate our decor.  Counter space is sorely lacking.  Winter hats & mittens refuse to be contained in the small basket we have designated for them.  There is no good place to put wet winter boots to dry.  But we are definitely cozy.  And I am thankful for the one tree.  Because right now this is home.  After all, home is where the gnome is.

Feel free to join in Right Now.


5 thoughts on “right now

  1. i feel your pain. i can’t wait to be semi-permanently settled in a house that we actually own. but i also keep reminding myself that this is my life right now, and i should just try to enjoy it. anyway, i truly believe we could be happy in any situation as long as we are together.

    also, i love your “right now’s.”

  2. Wow, your post made me cry as I can so relate. To both your someday and your right now, well almost your right now as we have three in a room and we have moved all baby stuff out. It is kind of fun to wonder where you will end up, as you just never now.

  3. I remember that feeling before we finally had our “own” place. My right now is accepting that my hallway is still pepto pink from the previous owner and that the floral wallpaper isn’t going anywhere soon. Thanks for the reminder to live in the moment and enjoy home for what and who it holds.

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