puppet theater

Thanks for all your lovely words in response to this post.  I left a reply in the comments there as well.

I was reminded recently by this post that I’ve been meaning to make one of these doorway puppet theaters for a while.  I first saw one in a sewing book, and since then I’ve seen them in some toy catalogs (most recently at Magic Cabin).

It was a great way to use up all that felt that was leftover from my brother-in-law’s homemade poker table.  (People seem to think I run a half-way house for craft supplies. “What should we do with these leftovers?  Why, give them to Sara, of course!”  Not that I mind!  Not in the least!)

I simply measured the doorway, cut the felt (I love felt — no edges to finish!), and folded the top edge over a couple of inches to sew a case for the tension rod.  I cut another square of blue felt to make the opening sturdier and to make some theater “curtains.”  The letters are made from red fleece — I like the way fleece looks kind of puffy.

Inexpensive, easy, and a big hit!



9 thoughts on “puppet theater

  1. Oh this is such a lovely idea!! I am completely crazy about felt and have a little card table tent house in the works but my 2 little ones would have so much fun with this theater 🙂

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