right now

All too often, I neglect to give thanks to God for the innumerable good gifts He has given me.

But right now, I would like to list just a few of the many things I’m giving thanks for:

~these three dear people whom I love beyond words

~(so many) friends and family, (so) near and (so) far

~The Sound of Music (specifically the puppet show scene, which we have been watching a lot since making this)

~a portable DVD player (seriously, I’m not sure any of us would still be alive without this thing)

~a cozy home

~good health

~toothless grins

~baby giggles

~Ben & Jerry

~inter-library loan

~long winter evenings

~coffee & scones

~all of you wonderful people out there reading this


What are you thankful for right now?



7 thoughts on “right now

  1. I just wanted to let you know how sweet that photo is. I see that look on my husband’s face often… it’s nice to know other dads look at their littles with such love!

  2. Oh my! We’re Sound of Music fans too! And oh are we ever so thankful for that! We even took a trip to the Von Trapp Lodge this fall because Ava is so in love with Maria and twirling! I didn’t realize we could watch clips of our favorite scenes on YT! I should have known better 🙂

    For me, making a thankful list is hard to crystallize into words. Even though I write everyday, it’s hard to put all the many things I’m thankful “officially” down – I would be afraid I’m forgetting something. 🙂 But I love your list, and echo the same sentiment – about God, and the many blessed moments, people, places and things {like coffee} – now, this holiday, and every day…

  3. what a sweet photo of a sweet family. i wish you were in it!

    are you familiar with dylan’s “sara”? i just heard it for the first time, and it actually reminded me of you–and not just because of the title! i think jake should sing it to you. tell him i said so.

  4. A great picture! I have lots that I am thankful for… my sister and I had a nice skype conversation that led to talking about contentment and being grateful for what we have… which then led to us agreeing to write out our lists of things we are grateful for and mailing them to each other. I have yet to do this… uh-oh Elijah alert… gotta go before he gets the laptop!!

  5. Right now? I’m thankful that we found each other’s blogs and that you came by and left such a sweet comment. I replied to it so if you get a moment, I hope you’ll come back over and chat a bit! 🙂

    I subscribed to you via Google Reader, btw! 🙂

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