right now

We haven’t had ours yet.  We’ve been waiting for it.  It might come today, maybe tomorrow (says the weatherman).  I know some of you have already had your first snow of the season.  But we’re still waiting.  And there’s a little girl here who is eager to use her new snow shovel.So right now, we’re snuggled up in our pajamas, drinking peppermint tea and reading two of our favorite snowy day books, Winter is the Warmest Season and Cynthia Rylant’s Snow, both illustrated by Lauren Stringer.  And we’re sitting near the window, every so often stealing anxious glances to see if maybe it’s here yet…

PS — Shortly after I wrote this post yesterday morning, it did indeed begin to snow … and snow … and snow …


5 thoughts on “right now

  1. Man, no snow for us yet, but I hear we will be getting plenty o’ rain and wind tomorrow. I’ll take cozy anyway I can get it.
    I love your photo. I’ll have to check out those books!
    Peace, Angela

  2. Oh how magical! We share your sentiment, unfortunately living in Texas – its almost close to impossible to predict. It was in the mid 70s a few days ago… But this past February it did snow, 12 inches!- and it still has left an impression on the kids. It’s almost a daily question now, “will it snow today?” Of course they ask still wearing short-sleeve shirts… {sighing}

    Love the falling snow on the blog too!

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