yarn along

Knitting & Reading

Reading (well, singing, actually): Tomie DePaola’s Book of Christmas Carols.  I love this book.  The illustrations are stunning.  I do not have words to describe how perfectly they accompany the songs.  We’ve been going through the entire book almost every day, and Adeline is starting to sing along to some of the carols.

Knitting: I’ve got the tiniest beginning on a tiny baby hat.  How is it possible that three of my good friends and my one and only sister dear are all due within two months of each other, right on the heels of the holidays, no less?  Sheesh!  Let the Baby Knitting begin!  I can only hope that some friendly elves will find my needles while I’m sleeping and help me along.

Come along on the Yarn Along at Small Things.

PS — My brilliant and talented friend Gi is hosting “Get Your Craft On” for the holidays and she’s looking for submissions.  Looks like fun!


11 thoughts on “yarn along

  1. I love Tomie DePaola’s work and will have to look for that book of Carols! The blue of your hat is so deep and pretty, I look forward to seeing the finished hat!

  2. that’s the cutest beginning I have ever seen 😀 … I love the blue yarn, it’s beautiful…and christmas carols – yay!! 🙂 getting ready for the season…

  3. It does seem like the hours to knit become shorter and shorter. I do enjoy Tomie’s books! They are wonderful, especially the ones about holidays and different cultural legends. Peace, Angela

  4. We just got Tomie dePaola’s new Christmas book, “Joy to the World.” It has Christmas carols and about three of his stories in it. It’s delightful!

    ‘Tis the season for babies, I guess … I am due in a week =)

  5. I want to do tiny baby hats. I am afraid of those tiny double pointed needles..maybe afraid is to strong a word..
    My daughters are just now playing Christmas music together and I LOVE it. This might be a good book to get them for Christmas.

  6. that book looks wonderful!
    and singing through some christmas carols every day? what a wonderful tradition! i think we’re going to start today! i want my kiddos to know those wonderful songs by heart. *smile*

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