oh, those baby toes!

Now I know why people used to (still do?) have babies’ shoes bronzed.  They are so darn precious, and they get worn so very few times, and then you can either pack them away in a box or find a way to put them on permanent display.

I bought these at a craft fair from a friend of a friend (thanks Betsy!).  They are so sweet, and she only wore them a couple of times.

Hand-me-down fuzzy bear slippers.

These were a gift from my dear friend Gi.   They are adorable and they actually stay on!


9 thoughts on “oh, those baby toes!

    • It’s fun to dig out things you haven’t seen for a while, isn’t it? All the memories that come flooding back. Going through the boxes of my first daughter’s clothes to see what the second daughter can wear has definitely been a sentimental journey for me. It also makes me go running to the photo albums to find pictures of Adeline wearing those outfits, because I can hardly believe she was ever that little!

  1. Oh those are so sweet 🙂 Baby things just make me swoon these days as I hope to be able to have one more *grin*. I have a few special pairs from each of my 3 that I just couldn’t bear to part with 🙂 My mom has her baby shoes which were tatted lace and she framed them in a shadow box along with the black and white photo of herself as a baby wearing them. I think that one day I would like to do that with the ones I have 🙂

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